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Fair Food Foul Play: A BTE Murder Mystery

By Will Ralston

April 1-18 7:30 p.m. on Zoom

RUNNING TIME: 1.5 hours


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Fair Food Foul Play: A Virtual BTE Murder Mystery

Deep Fried Duncans: the greatest thing to come out of Pennsylvania since Chicken and Waffles. Donald Duncan invented them. Will O’Tierney turned them into a profitable business. Dr. M.C. McCormick made them world-famous. Then Goldie Reese came to town . . .

During each performance, the audience will be grouped into five equally-weighted teams to uncover the facts in this clever Zoom-based interactive mystery rooted in food, family, fame, and fortune.


Blonde woman with pen tapped to chin.

Amy Rene Byrne
as Joy Nolitz

Woman with gray hair looking dour.

Elizabeth Dowd
as Broomhilda Hoover-Dyson

Bearded man with longer hair smirking.

James Goode
as Will O'Tierney

Woman with reddish hair and glasses holding a test tube.

Abigail Leffler
as Dr. M.C. McCormick

Stylish man with slicked back hair, a suit, and glasses.

Daniel Roth
as Lee T. Gator

Younger woman with blonde highlights in front of a painting.

Michaela Tloczynski
as Goldie Reese-Duncan

Older man with beard wearing safety goggles in a workshop.

Jon White-Spunner
as Donald Duncan

Disheveled younger man looking menacingly into camera.

Eric Wunsch
as Richard 'Dickie' Duncan

Three Weekends, Three Different Outcomes

Fair Food Foul Play will have a different ending on each of the three weekends of the event.

So that all patrons can enjoy the event as intended, BTE respectfully requests that you stay mum about the ending you see, and that you kindly refrain from purchasing a ticket for more than one night in the same weekend during the show's run.

Important Information About Tickets

Tickets must be purchased no less than 24 hours in advance for this event.

Your ticket will entitle you to log into a specific performance on a single device. Two types of tickets are offered for this special online event:

  • Individual tickets for persons who will participate on their own, and
  • Household tickets for persons who will participate from one location as a group.

If you wish to be teamed up with other patrons attending the same performance, you can request the pairing at the time of your ticket purchase. While we can make no guarantees, BTE will do everything we can to accommodate pairing requests.

Each performance of Fair Food Foul Play will occur via the Zoom online conferencing service. To participate, patrons must have a device capable of running Zoom and an internet connection capable of supporting it. Information about how to access and use the Zoom service is available from the Zoom website.

BTE cannot assume liability for issues arising from malfunctions of Zoom or your internet. For the best experience, we strongly recommend using a computer or tablet to access the event.

Tickets are limited. Book soon to avoid disappointment.

Box Office Information

BTE Box Office staff will be available to answer questions and assist with ticket purchases Monday through Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

To reach the BTE Box Office call 570-784-8181 or email

Please note that, due to the on-going pandemic, Box Office staff are working remotely and responses to phone and email messages may take longer than usual.

Production Team

Directed by Amy Rene Byrne

Director of Photography Will Ralston

Original Music Nick McGaw

About the Playwright

Will Ralston interned with BTE in 1989 as a Bloomsburg High School senior. He graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Film, Television, and Radio production.

He has written for HBO productions Treme and The Deuce, was a co-producer on The Plot Against America, and edited sound on over 60 feature films and 100+ hours of broadcast television. Will created, wrote, and directed the web series Gates and Strays.


Production Photos

Director of Photography Will Ralston and A'nie Kirchner working sound.

Jon White-Spunner and Amy Rene Byrne working on a kitchen scene.

A view from the viewfinder.

Director Amy Rene Byrne checks a shot.

High School Intern Lilly Wirth slates a take.

James Goode as Will O'Tierney.