Journeying to Jersey and Pondering Pluto

Hello friends!


As Star Tours wraps up its second week of tours, we had some amazing experience as the crew ventured out of the familiar (but awesome) audiences of central Pennsylvania into completely unknown territory: the state of New Jersey. We had an absolute blast performing for some extraordinarily dedicated teachers at the Kean College, and then being able to perform the show the following day at Harrison Elementary! The three of us were so happy to be able to explore the mysteries of outer space with new comrades from states other than our own, and we feel incredibly lucky to continue on this awesome adventure.


After every show, we try and do a question and answer session with students to hopefully spark more discussion into the vast subject of space. One topic that frequently popped up was Pluto. Students are incredibly interested in Pluto! So, we would like to know, what questions do you guys, our blog viewers, have about Pluto? Message us with some of your questions, and in a future post, we’ll make a video answering some of our favorites!


Until next time, fellow space adventurers,

BTE Communications