Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble 39th Annual School Tour:  

Beginning in March, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble will perform All Aboard! The Story of the First Transcontinental Railroad, its 39th annual Theatre In the Classroom (TIC) production.  Tour dates are March 27 through June 2.

From the end of March to the beginning of June school students in Pennsylvania and neighboring states will spend an hour riding the rails when BTE performs ALL ABOARD!  in their school. With BTE’s energetic storytelling style, imaginative props, folk music, and lots of audience involvement, BTE brings the amazing saga of the building of the first transcontinental railroad to elementary and middle school cafeterias, gymnasiums, libraries and other performance spaces across the Commonwealth andneighboring states.

Ensemble member and director of the production, Jim Goode says, “the Transcontinental Railroad not only linked our nation from coast-to-coast, it transported our nation into the modern world. It made possible giant leaps in business, politics, knowledge, and popular culture.  Americans began imagining themselves as an important world power.  ALL ABOARD! willinspire students, teachers, and families to once again dream the big dreams that motivated our ancestors."

All Aboard! follows in BTE’s tradition of bringing quality theatre to young people and developing and vitalizing their imagination by involving them, through active participation, in the theatrical arts.

Shows are presented by actors in an animated story-theatre style followed by a lively post-performance discussion.

For schools, a comprehensive Study Guide provided prior to the scheduled performance, enables educators to maximize the educational value of the theatre experience by providing discussion ideas, related classroom activities, post-performance questions, and bibliography.  The Study Guide is provided to educators as a download from BTE’s website:

BTE's TIC program brings innovative theatre into schools, combining the arts and education.  This commitment to arts education for young people is widely acclaimed by both students and educators.
Booking dates for the 2017 tour are available. Teachers, administrators, and parent- teacher organizations should call BTE's School Programs Director, Paula Henry at 570.458.4075 or e-mail at for more information.