Theatre School Registration FAQ

Online registration for Summer Theatre School is new to BTE. We are still working out some bugs, so if you have any suggestions or questions, please email Amy or call her at 570-784-5530.

1. If you have not created a login to the ArtsPeople System before, you will have to do so before proceeding
2. If you have created a login before, but cannot remember your password, you will either have to go through the password recovery process or use a different email address to create a new login
3. You will be asked to update or enter Customer Information before selecting classes to register for
4. You will also need to add all household/family members for whom you want to register for theatre school before proceeding to the classes. You should add the people you might register for theatre school at this time; it does not mean that you will have to register them. They will remain in your household record regardless of your registration status and for future usage. You will also be able to add household/family members later
5. Once you have finished adding household members, you will be taken to the “Select a Class” page. Please be sure to select the term, “Summer TS 2016″ and click “View Classes”
6. As you select classes, you should be able to “continue shopping” or “complete order” at any time

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