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Theatre In The Classroom

ANCIENT THUNDER: Stories From Greek Mythology

A Theatre in the Classroom Presentation

On Tour Winter/Spring 2020

Three actors motor this rambunctious retelling of classic Greek myths including Midas's golden touch, Persephone's journey to the Underworld, Theseus's battle with the Minotaur, and more. Magic, music, and mystery will grab the imagination of young audiences all around Pennsylvania and beyond!

Catch the show on the road…

Saturday February 1st, 2020, at Noon
at the Bloomsburg Public Library

Contact School Programs Director Paula Henry to book a performance for your school by email at
or by phone at (570) 458-4075.

Over its 40 year history TIC shows have covered a wide variety of topics including inventors and their inventions,  ancient myths, space travel, history, adaptations of world folk literature and more!

It serves as a tool for curriculum enhancement and a unique opportunity for students to discover the world from other perspectives.

What’s the story about TIC?

TIC shows are presented in an animated story-theatre style featuring imaginative props, costumes, music, and student participation followed by a lively post-performance discussion.

  • Professional actors play multiple characters and create different locations and moods through the imaginative use of props and costumes

  • Call and response student participation promotes basic group behavior skills, such as listening and observing

  • A pre-show Study Guide allows teachers to maximize the educational value of the theatre experience by providing discussion ideas, related classroom activities, post-performance questions, and bibliography


Actors set up the stage for the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble's TIC production of A Midsummer Night's Dream in 2015.

Above: listen to WVIA's Erika Funke interview BTE School Programs Director Paula Henry about TIC.