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From Book to Play

 Adapting a book into a play is a difficult process. Among the many struggles include: transforming one person’s idea to the vision of many people, shortening and condensing the story for the stage, and creating an accurate image of a story in a 3D space. It’s essential for a playwright to find a coherent, central, and simple story line for the audience to follow and cut and merge characters as necessary. Once the play has been written, a theatre needs to be found, a technical crew needs to be hired to create the physical aspects of a show, and actors have to be cast.

To elaborate on this, here are some videos discussing the process of transforming a book into a play.

And in this playlist, Director Marianne Elliott and playwright Simon Stephens discuss adapting Mark Haddon’s novel for the stage:

Here, several dramatists give an interview for London’s National Theatre: