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POST-SHOW Discussion

  • Do you think that Christopher’s dad, Ed, should be forgiven? Should his mother, Judy? Why or why not? Discuss as a class or split into pairs with one person advocating pro and the other con.

  • When Christopher is under great stress Siobhan’s voice guides him. Eventually, his father’s voice joins her as both an enemy and an ally. Who are the voices in your head that support you, and who are the voices that make you doubt yourself?  

  • How do Christopher’s parents demonstrate that they love him? 

  • How does Christopher show his love for his parents? 

  • Christopher describes the difference between the way most people see—in glances—and his way of “seeing everything.” Take 5 five minutes in a place that you see every day and try to “see everything” instead of just looking at it casually. Record what you see. 

  • What’s the difference between neurodiversity and neurotypicality and how does this relate to your life and experiences? 

  • What is “normal”, and how does this relate to the play? Is anyone “normal”? 

  • What do you have in common with Christopher? How are you different? If you were making a list of your own “behavioral problems,” what would you include? 

  • Christopher does not like physical contact. Where does he find comfort? Where do you find comfort?  

  • What expectations did you have coming into the show? How were they met? Subverted? Has your worldview changed in any way after experiencing Christopher’s story?