The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) Study Guide

Character Tracks

In any fast paced show, it can get confusing! What do you do when you cover 38 plays in 97 minutes? Hold onto your seat and pray, that’s what you do.

To better help you as the audience here is a character track (or character order) for each actor in our crazy play!

Please note:

*Title* <~ denotes a singular Shakespeare play

~TITLE~ <~ denotes a specific genre of Shakespeare and where several plays are covered all at once. Click here to see what plays fall under ~Histories~ and what fall under ~Comedies~.

Costume Renderings: Liz Ennis

Amy Rene Byrne’s Character Track

ARB Character Track image.jpg

*Romeo and Juliet*: the Prince -> Friar

*Titus Andronicus*: Titus

~Comedies~: Princess -> Merchant

*MacBeth*: MacBeth

*Antony & Cleopatra*: Marc Antony

~Histories~: King John -> King Henry IV

*Hamlet*: Hamlet

Richie Cannaday’s Character Track

RC Character Track Image.jpg

*Romeo & Juliet*: Juliet -> Benvolio -> Tybalt

*Titus Andronicus*: Lavinia


MacBeth: MacDuff

*Julius Caesar*: Soothsayer

*Antony & Cleopatra*: Cleopatra

~Histories~:Henry VI -> Prince Hal -> Henry VIII

*Hamlet*: Ghost -> Ophelia -> Gertrude -> Claudius

ERic Wunsch’s Character Track

EW Character Track Image.jpg

*Romeo & Juliet*: Sampson -> Romeo -> Nurse

~Comedies~: Duke -> Jew -> Soldier -> Shrew -> Bottom

*MacBeth*: Witch

*Julius Caesar*: Caesar

~Histories~: Richard II -> King Lear -> Richard III

*Hamlet*: Horatio -> Polonius -> Laertes